What Beard Style Suits Me: Oval Face

Beard styles for oval faces

There are so many beard styles to choose from, choosing one can seem pretty daunting. Right now, you’re looking for a beard style that will suit your oval face, we compiled a few beard styles that will suit that facial shape.

Oval facial shapes have very even proportions and are compatible with many beard styles. The best ones are shorter beards with cleanly defined beard lines.

Alright, less talky, more showy.


1. Short & Medium Beard Styles for Oval Faces
1.1 Soul Patch
1.2 Classic Goatee
1.3 Chin Curtain
1.4 Winnfield
1.5 Full Beard
1.6 Short Boxed Beard
1.7 Corporate Beard
2. Long Beard Styles for Oval Faces
2.1 Garibaldi
2.2 Verdi
2.3 Yeard
3. Conclusion


Short and medium beard styles for oval faces

Bearded man with short beard and oval face

As we’ve mentioned previously, short/medium beard styles typically suit oval face shapes better.  What’s convenient about shorter beard styles, is that you can trim much easier by using an electric razor with a guard, instead of having to use scissors and a comb. If you also use a beard shaping tool, you’ll get cleanly defined beard lines in no-time!


Soul patch

Don’t take too much attention away from your even facial proportions and sport the soul patch. A super easy beard style to maintain that gives a nice accent to your style.

Short beard styles for oval faces - Soul Patch

Classic goatee

The classic goatee is a beard style you’ll see all around the world. It’s a nice style that only covers the chin and is really easy to upkeep. A little trimming here and there and you’ll look like a badass day-in and day-out.

Short beard styles for oval faces - Classic goatee

Chin curtain

The chin curtain is a longer version of the chin strap. Both beard styles suit an oval facial shape very well and will make your cheekbones pop out a bit more.

Short beard styles for oval faces - Chin curtain


The Winnfield is one of those beard styles that naturally make people respect you, probably due to their fear that you will give them a flying elbow to the chest. They probably suspect you’re a wrestling champion.

Short beard styles for oval faces - Winnfield

Full beard

For a full beard, expect to grow it for at least 2-3 months, depending on how fast your beard grows. Once in a while, as you’re trimming your beard, use the shaping comb to make your beard lines as clean as you can. This will make your beard stand out from the lot!

Medium beard styles for oval faces - Full beard


Short boxed beard

For this next beard style, you can either grow a full beard and trim the cheeks down, or grow it from scratch and trim as you go. A very classy style that will accentuate your facial features.

Medium beard styles for oval faces - Short boxed beard

Corporate beard

The corporate beard is a trimmed down version of the full beard. It’s kept a bit shorter and cleaner, perfect for corporate environments that consider beards to look unprofessional.

Medium beard styles for oval faces - Corporate beard


Long beard styles for oval faces

Man with long beard style - oval face

Longer beard styles still suit an oval face very well, however, they cover up more of your facial features. You’ll still look awesome, though!


The Garibaldi beard is essentially a full beard, but with a few more weeks of growth. The moustache is kept above the upper lip and connects to the sides.

Long beard styles for oval faces - Garibaldi


It’s the same thing as the Garibaldi, but this time, you let your moustache grow longer on the ends, in order to allow you to twist them into a neat handlebar. It’s the fancier Garibaldi.

Long beard styles for oval faces - Verdi


This beard style is the result of a full year of beard growth, with only minor trimming to remove the split ends and such. For this style, keep the moustache long and natural, it’s a very manly style.

Long beard styles for oval faces - Yeard



Beard styles come and go, so you shouldn’t be scared to experiment with your beard to find a unique style that suits you. Yes you have an oval facial shape, and yes certain styles suit that better, but you shouldn’t only limit yourself to what is “prescribed”. Remember, be Brave, be You.





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    My beard is hard and curly
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  • michael

    As far as I can see, there are a lot of beard styles to be chosen from. Whereas you are stuck, kindly use these helpful cv and make your choice!

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