Coconut Oil for Beards – What Are the Benefits?

Why Coconut Oil For My Beard?


There are so many different natural oils that are used to concoct beard oils. Each of them has its own benefits to the skin and hair, but why choose certain ones over others? That’s a great question! We’ll cover why we chose to add coconut oil in our beard oil recipe, and what it can do to help you in your beard growth process. 


1. What Makes Coconut Oil A Great Natural Oil
2. Benefits For the Skin & Hair
2.1 Retains the Moisture Content of the Skin
2.2 Protects Skin from Microbial Infections
2.3 Repairs Skin
2.4 Repairs Hair Damage
3. Conclusion

What makes coconut oil a great natural oil

Coconut oil for beard care

In order to better explain why coconut oil is so great for beards, we have to look at the components that are present in this oil.

First off, coconut oil contains saturated fats which help retain the moisture in your skin by eliminating the loss of moisture that happens through your pores.

Coconut oil also contains capric, caprylic, and lauric acids, which have great disinfectant properties.

Another great component of coconut oil is vitamin E. It’s very beneficial for the skin’s overall health, limiting skin cracking, wrinkling, and premature aging. You can thank the vitamin E’s antioxidant properties!

Finally, coconut oil has a high protein content, essential for healthy skin.


Benefits for the skin and hair

Man with hydrated skin

Alright, so these components seem to be beneficial, but what does it translate to in terms of benefits to the skin?


Retains the moisture content of the skin

Remember, to have a nice beard, you need to have a well-hydrated skin to support the beard growth process. The saturated fats and vitamin E contents have great properties for the skin’s health, making it more hydrated. When your skin is too dry, your follicles send signals to the brain to stop growing hair. In order or that not to happen, applying oil to the skin will help increase your follicles’ output. This aspect will also help to deal with beard dandruff.

Protects skin from microbial infections

Skin bacteria

Throughout the day, we play with our beard often without realizing, but that means some of the bacteria and microbes that are on our hands get to our skin, which can lead to zits, ingrown hairs, irritation, etc. These microbes and bacteria go into our pores and can cause these problems. The acids found in coconut oil will help with eliminating the germs, leading to healthier skin with fewer problems.

Repairs skin

The protein content helps to regenerate the skin cells and repair the damaged tissue. Your skin needs protein to create new cells, so you can think of coconut oil as a type of protein shake for your skin.

Repairs Hair Damage

Certain hair products can damage your hair by stripping away some proteins in your hair strands. Using coconut oil, due to its high protein content, will repair the damaged hairs and allow them to grow healthier. Damaged hair will result in more breakages and split-ends, which slows down your growth.



Coconut oil has numerous benefits for you if you’re looking to grow out your beard, or even just to maintain it. When looking at all the great aspects of this natural oil, we knew we had to add some into our recipe. If you’re looking for the right beard oil for you, we suggest you read our blog article The Truth About “Growth Oils”, you’ll find it very helpful.

Stay Brave!

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