Father’s Day – Dad and son beards

In Canada, Father’s Day is one of the first special family days of summer. It was created to celebrate fatherhood and the special bond between fathers and their children. Traditionally, children and spouses offer gifts or special meals to celebrate fathers. However, those special moments don’t only need to be initiated by others. Fathers can do it too! In fact, there is nothing better than a father finding a way to spend a special moment with their child.


As we all know, beard popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years, so it’s quite possible a son would now have something to teach good old dad in the facial hair department. But either way -- dad to son or son to dad --, let this be a day for fathers and sons to share their beard knowledge and expand each other’s grooming repertoires.


Fathers and sons share many things, and one of those are genes. The same way height and other physical attributes are gained from our parents, facial hair is also largely a result of genetics. If one of you has struggled to grow facial hair or been blessed with tons of facial hair, it quite often means that both a man and his children will share this blessing or curse. Although traditionally, dads teach their sons to shave and groom their beards, nothing prevents a son or daughter from introducing dad to some great new products or grooming techniques.


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Father’s Day, and your dad has a beard or mustache, then one of our grooming sets is a sure-fire hit. Another great gift option that will offer you a chance to spend some quality time together is to take your dad on a trip to your favorite barbershop or hairstylist. Here again, daughters, don’t be shy to pamper your father and take him to your favorite hair salon. Although maybe not the norm, dad might have something to learn about how men groom in the 21st century.


These types of moments can’t be replaced. Children will often reminisce about learning to shave from their father or about the special moment they offered dad. Those are the life lessons you carry with you your whole life and that define you. Cherished memories that will last a lifetime and that, in turn, you pass on.


Today, thanks to social media, you can immortalise those moment forever. Social media is not just full of food, fast cars or dogs. The hashtag #dadbeard is trending all over Instagram and Facebook, and get over 11,000 hits on Google. So just do it for the #gram, man!

 Have a Great Father’s Day and Stay Brave!!

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